New Challenges for Certification Bodies Using the GLOBALG.A.P. System:

  1. Double data entry into internal databases and GLOBALG.A.P. databases
  2. Harder to maintain current versions of checklists for auditors
  3. How to keep data up-to-date
    – Master Data
    – Product Data
    – Audit Data
    – and more
  4. No offline audit conduction available

You see, there is lots of additional work involved to keep all systems and databases up to date.

How Intact Can Help:

  1. Interface (API) between the Intact Platform and the two GLOBALG.A.P. databases — you audit, we maintain
  2. Up-to-date data directly from the GLOBALG.A.P. systems — new certification program requirements are implemented upon release
  3. Offline audit capabilities using the Intact Mobile App

The Intact Platform can help you conquer all the challenges posed by GLOBALG.A.P.’s new Audit Online system. Click here to learn more about our Mobile App and offline audit capabilities.

“We are proud to support Intact in their efforts to digitally connect their solution with the GLOBALG.A.P. database as well as GLOBALG.A.P. Audit Online. This digital connection would give certification bodies an opportunity for using the Intact solution to manage their GLOBALG.A.P. certifications and meet GLOBALG.A.P. requirements for certification decisions and reporting of audit and inspection data. Certification bodies can then avoid double entry work and align their processes even across schemes in their portfolio.”

Jochen Baumgarten VP and CTO,

When Will the Intact Solution Be Ready to Use?

Our solution will be ready as soon as the Audit Online system launches. This will include our API for easy and secure data upload directly into the GLOBALG.A.P. systems. Please contact us directly to learn more about the Intact solutions and how we can help you with this transition.

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