The Intact Mobile Audit App will make the auditor’s life easier

Key Features and Benefits

Effective task management — quick order overview with status, customer name, service, due date, and priority.

Our audit checklists can map any standard in all languages — including question logic, custom fields, and much more.

Easily record findings and keep an overview — define corrective actions, set deadlines, manage sanctions, and much more.

Take photos and simply add them directly to the order. You can also attach documents easily with the click of a finger.

The app checks your data entries for completeness and lets you know if something is missing.

Reporting on all important data — audit reports, finding reports, and much more. Issue digital signatures directly on the device.

Working without the internet is no longer a problem. Data is synchronized as soon as an Internet connection is re-established. Until then, orders are locked for others to ensure data integrity.

Change the language by a finger click. The Intact Mobile Audit App supports all languages and is delivered in German and English by default.

Full Intact Platform Integration

The Intact Mobile App is part of the Intact Platform — the leading cloud and on-premise Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution for audit, assessment, certification, accreditation, and standards management. Intact Mobile brings together Intact Platform functionalities and mobile device features to simplify auditors’ work all around the world.


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