What is the Intact Community

The Intact Community is the sum of our customers, partners, and collaborators that work together to create visions and solutions for the TIC industry of tomorrow. Every year, Intact fosters exchange within the community, organizes community events, and invites all members to shape our products’ community-driven development.

We recognize that our community are the industry experts whose insights drive us forward. #ThinkCustomer isn’t just a tagline, it’s embedded in our DNA. This core value reflects our dedication to not only meeting but exceeding your expectations.

 At Intact, we’re driven by the belief that uniting with like-minded individuals is not just enriching – it’s transformative. Each gathering, workshop, and meet-up is designed to inspire, engage, and foster deeper connections among our members.

Intact Community

Intact Summit

The highlight  of our events is the Intact Summit – a grand celebration of ideas, innovation, and community spirit. The Intact Summit isn’t just an event, it’s an experience, a get-together of minds from across the globe. Each year, we select a unique location for this extraordinary gathering. This event is a unique gathering of CBs, Standard Setters, and others sharing use cases, successes, and challenges while leveraging the Intact Platform.

We are thrilled to announce that this year’s Intact Summit will be held in the magnificent city of Chicago. Chicago offers the perfect setting for an event as diverse and vibrant as our community.

What to expect:

  • Understand our newest features, roadmap, and technology updates so you can help your organization leverage your investment for maximum profitability and staff satisfaction
  • Influence Intact’s products and technology decisions directly so we have greater alignment and collaboration
  • Be on the leading edge and benefit from innovations like IntactGPT first

Learn about best practices and easy wins for increasing your efficiency using Intact products – become a part of the #intactcommunity now!

You want to be a part of it?

Mark your calendars for June 10 -14.
The Summit promises to be filled with insights about new features, workshops, keynote speeches, and networking opportunities designed to outline road ahead. Register now to secure your place at the Intact Summit. Save the date, register for more information, and prepare to be part of a truly inspiring community experience.

Why Join the Intact Community?

Being a part of Intact Community offers more than just a membership, it’s an opportunity to be at the forefront of industry evolution. A combination of your experiences and ideas with those of others creates a dynamic environment where enhancement isn’t just a goal – it’s a collective journey. Dive into an experience where your involvement directly influences not only the community’s growth but also the evolution of the industry at large.

We believe in the power of collective wisdom. That’s why our development process is an inclusive, collaborative journey. By intertwining your feedback with our expertise, we craft solutions and products that truly resonate with your needs. Together, we redefine the standards of our industry. Intact is not just a platform, it’s a community – and you are its driving force.

Austrian Standards

“For me, being at the Intact Summit is an opportunity to exchange experiences with other users, learn about upcoming new features and improvements of Intact’s software solutions, and also to give feedback from a user’s perspective.”

Peter Jonas Director Certification,
Austrian Standards

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