Manage your entities — people, accounts, sites/facilities, files, memos — and their relationships with Intact’s Core module. Set up and manage user roles and rights, keep track of working times, and run reports to analyze work force efficiency.

Improve your processes through clear communication. Send and keep track of all emails, phone calls, and mails and link them to entities and audit objects for complete and simple oversight where needed. Optional reminders and an MS Outlook plugin are handy addons facilitating your work.

Benefit from a fully digital contracts management and administrate contract-related information such as services, certification objects, conditions, and more. All with a complete, traceable contracts history and managed data access for key staff from back office to auditors.

Always send the right people for the task at hand with Intact’s Qualification module. Document your staff’s qualifications and skills and match them with internal and external requirements. This module is a must for ensuring quality and securing one’s accreditation.

Create, plan, and assign audits based on auditor qualifications and availability. The system helps you prevent errors through automatic checks and boosts your efficiency.

Improve efficiency and transparency in preparing, executing, and closing audits with Intact’s flexible audit workflow. Give your auditors easy access to all their tasks as well as to customers’ files and audit trails and let them plan their audits and timelines online. Master complex audit scopes and projects with Intact’s powerful Checklist Engine and create automated reports. With the Intact Mobile App, your auditors can even work offline.

Manage and keep track of any number of findings including objective evidence, root cause analysis, corrective actions, deadlines, notifications, sanctions, and more. A flexible workflow system helps you ensure that all steps are completed within set timelines.

Review audit results to ensure quality and compliance before issuing a certification decision. With Intact’s Review module, you can set up workflows following either a four-eyes or six-eyes principle.

Efficiently manage certification decisions and create certificates with Intact’s Certification module. Add QR codes to your certificates to verify their authenticity and check their current validity at any time.

Give your customers access to all the information relevant to them, including documents, reports, certificates, findings, and even checklists for their upcoming audits. Gather the data you need by letting your customers fill in self-reports and online assessments. Oversee the certification status of entire supply chains with Intact’s Supply Chain Monitor.

Create quotations and orders, record working times and expenses, and issue invoices all without ever having to leave the Intact Platform.

With Intact’s Multi-Tenancy setup, all departments or branches access the same Intact Platform instance but only see the data relevant to them. This helps you ensure data security and control while keeping system configuration consistent for all tenants.

Large organizations sometimes require distinct system setups for different departments or branches. With Intact’s Multi-Instance setup, you can deploy multiple instances with one Intact Platform master system acting as the distributing and collecting system for all data.

Seamlessly switch between multiple languages by the click of a button. The Intact Platform supports all languages with English and German being available by default. Optionally, you are even able to rename Intact’s standard terminology/vocabulary to better fit your industry and needs.

Intact BI gives you clear, pre-configured dashboards with your essential KPIs — fully serviced and maintained by Intact.

Connect the Intact Platform to any third-party system and seamlessly integrate it into your IT ecosystem. Based on a well-documented API Framework, Intact offers interfaces to many commonly used software solutions and is ready to connect any system you need.

Full GDPR Compliance

Following security and privacy by design principles, all Intact Platform solutions are fully compliant with the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). In addition to that, Intact’s support and operations teams are ready to step in whenever assistance is needed.


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Our experts are ready to discuss your challenges and demonstrate how you can master them with ease with Intact software solutions.

Fill out the form, and we will take care of the rest. Of course, you can also give us a call — see our local country numbers.