Supports all Standards and Certification Programs

  • ISO/IEC 17065
  • ISO/IEC 17021-1
  • ISO/IEC 14065
  • ISO/IEC 17024
  • ISO/IEC 17020
  • Non-Accredited / Private Standards

End-to-End Standards & Licensee Management

All the tools needed to manage your standards and licensees in a comprehensive, well-orchestrated yet modular package. From CRM and correspondence to turnover declaration and invoicing. From building entire standards and checklists to mapping supply chains and collecting data from stakeholders. The Intact Platform scales up and down with your needs.


Easy Interaction with All Stakeholders

Collaborate, gather, and share data with certification bodies, auditors, and licensees as well as with authorities and other standards. Easy to use web portals and interfaces to third-party systems help you save time and provide added value to your stakeholders.


All Data in One Place: Efficient, Fully Transparent, and Secure

With the Intact Platform, your data are centrally stored, linked to all related entities, and readily available to users and stakeholders depending on their individual rights. That allows you to reduce time-intensive data entry to a minimum, increase data quality, and shift focus on your standard’s integrity and impact.