What is the Intact Summit

The Intact Summit is a get-together of minds from across the globe – key users, business managers, certification executives, accreditors, standard setters, and companies that perform audits. 

Each year, Intact puts together a program that offers new product highlights, inspiring keynotes, and enriching industry exchange and industry trends from across the globe. Join us and get inspired. 

Why You Should Attend the Intact Summit 

We firmly believe in the transformative power of collective wisdom, where newcomers and long-time community members from diverse industries unite. With participants from various industries and backgrounds, you gain access to a treasure trove of perspectives, ideas, and approaches that can enrich your work and projects.

Exclusive Benefits

  • Exclusive Product Insights 
  • Inspiring Industry Key Notes 
  • Industry Trend & News Updates 
  • Active Roadmap Participation 
  • Unmatched Industry Exchange & Networking 

Why You Need to Attend

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Stay Informed

Be the first to know about developments upcoming to the Intact Platform solutions and experience new features first hand. Intact shares its product roadmap and gives practical use cases for new developments.

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Connect with Intact Staff

The Intact Summit is an excellent opportunity to meet Intact staff from every department, all in one place. They are ready to answer your questions and take your feedback for further improvements.

Audit Teams

Learn from Peers

Intact customers share their practical experiences with using the Intact Platform solutions and present their proven and innovative approaches to mastering the challenges facing them.


Extend Your Network

Meet industry peers and relavant stakeholders working for leading organizations across the globe. The Intact Summit offers plenty of networking opportunities in between presentations and in breaks as well as in the relaxed atmosphere of the Intact Community evening event.

Ready to Join?

All this has sparked your interest, and you want to see what to expect? Experience some of the Intact Summit 2023 Highlights:

Be a Part of the Intact Summit 2024

Reserve the week of June 10 – see you in Chicago! The Intact Summit 2024 is set to inspire and inform. Join us and be part of a movement where learning, networking, and innovation collide to create magic. We can’t wait to see you there!

  • Pre-Conference Day: June 11
  • Summit Day 1: June 12
  • Summit Day 2: June 13

The days before and after are the perfect networking opportunity. Use the chance to speak to us and the #Intactcommunity in person. But that is not all, we also have special activities like a “Dinner River Cruise” and “Walking/Running City Tours” planned, just for you.

Program Highlights

The Intact Summit is a unique gathering of CBs, Standard Setters, and others sharing use cases, successes, and challenges while leveraging the Intact Platform.

  • Dedicated management and key user conference tracks
  • Follow-up on: IntactGPT, New Process Features, Intact Mobile, and more
  • New feature presentation, IntactGPT Prototype and new APIs
  • Case studies and success stories
  • Dedicated breakout sessions
  • Industry trends, opportunities, and challenges
  • Expert panels

Be among the first to learn about and use our latest features and plan a workshop with out team before and after the Summit!

Pre-Registration for the Summit 2025 is now open to the Intact Community. Members have received an email about this. If you have not received an email, or are not yet part of our community, but would like to join, message marketing@intact-systems.com

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