Proven Integrity Throughout Supply Chains

Rising consumer demands, advancing globalization, and ever more complex supply chains create new and increasing challenges for the manufacturing industry. Having evidence of the quality, safety, healthiness, and durability of products throughout supply chains is, therefore, vital for your continuing success and brand image.

To master those challenges and ensure the highest quality possible, you need to ensure supply chain integrity through internal audits, supplier audits/assessments, and advanced big data analysis. The Intact Platform is the perfect solutions meeting your needs.

All Needs Covered — The Right Tool for Each Challenge

Powerful Checklist Engine

Checklist Engine

Build flexible checklists meeting your needs. Intact’s powerful checklist engine can map any standard and supports multiple languages, conditional questions, custom fields, and much more.

Qualification Management

Qualification Management

Manage and keep track of your audit team’s qualifications to ensure that they are qualified for the tasks assigned to them.

Document & Photo Upload

Self-Assessment & Self-Reporting

Send self-assessment checklists to your stakeholders and collect the data you need.

Task Management

Audit Planning

Schedule and assign unlimited audits based on availability and qualification, including tasks and calendar integration.

Audit Checklists


Master any audit with Intact’s intelligent checklists and workflows; the perfect solution for multi-standard and multi-site audits, audit teams, online and offline work.

Findings & Corrective Actions

Findings & Corrective Actions

Easily manage findings and corrective actions, keep track of deadlines, and simplify your communication.

Scoring methods, checklists, reports, certificates, and more. Everything ready-to-use.

Automated Reports

Time-consuming reporting is a thing of the past with Intact’s fully automated Audit Reports—100% compliant and configurable to your needs.

The Intact Platform

The Intact Platform is the most sophisticated end-to-end ERP solution for audit, certification, accreditation, and standards management. Featuring built-in best practices and unmatched flexibility, the Intact Platform enables businesses to optimize critical processes and, ultimately, sustain growth.

The Intact Platform is a fully modular cloud and on-premise SaaS solution that lets you scale up or down as your needs change. It is unsurpassed in functionality and features, breaks down the complexity of your work, and helps you gain new efficiencies where needed.

Robbin van Zanten, Sales Manager Intact

“With decades of experience in the certification industry, Intact has all the know-how and tools for managing and documenting the qualifications of internal and 2nd party auditors.”

Robbin van Zanten Sales Manager,

Industry Insights and Know-How

Intact Highlights 2020

2020 Highlights: Improved Customer Support & New Products

Intact worked tirelessly in 2020 to expand our service with customer care improvements in the form of enhanced support teams and improved products. This way, we help our customers to improve their efficiency working with our products even further. read article
Intact sustainable energy

Intact Headquarters Moves to Sustainable Power

Intact made a massive move toward becoming more sustainable by installing a photovoltaic solar power plant at our headquarters. We now produce more power than we consume. This marks an important milestone within our sustainability efforts. read article
ECERT Is Now the Intact Platform – New and Improved

ECERT Is Now the Intact Platform – New and Improved

ECERT has been Intact’s flagship product for 19 years and has evolved beyond what the name suggests. Today, it is a platform that our customers trust across standards and business types and use globally to power audits, certification,… read article

Intact Improves Global Services and Grows to Meet Today’s Challenges

2020 has been challenging for many businesses. In particular, the audit and certification sector has been impacted significantly. Therefore, at Intact, we have remained focused on our customers’ needs and worked tirelessly to support them through this time. We moved… read article
Full-Service GLOBALG.A.P. Solution

Intact Platform Offers Full-Service GLOBALG.A.P. Certification Solution

Intact announced today that they are the first and only recognized GLOBALG.A.P. partner offering a complete plug-and-play solution for avoiding duplicate data entry using interfaces to both GLOBALG.A.P. Audit Online Hub and the GLOBALG.A.P. Database simultaneously. As the leading provider… read article

Digital Workflow Leads to Success During COVID-19 Pandemic

The health, safety, and continued success of our customers and employees has been the top priority for Intact during the COVID-19 pandemic. Travel restrictions and forced remote working has made it vital that our customers have access to a digital… read article
Intact BI Management Dashboards

Bring Data to Life with Intact BI

Intact is proud to announce the launch of our brand-new Business Intelligence (BI) module. Intact BI provides Tableau based management dashboards allowing you to monitor, explore, and visualize your data – anytime, anywhere. The interactive BI dashboards make… read article

Bio Test Agro AG Joins Intact

We are happy to announce our partnership with the Intact Platform’s newest customer, Bio Test Agro AG. Even during the global health pandemic of Covid-19, we were… read article

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Our experts are ready to discuss your challenges and demonstrate how you can master them with ease with Intact software solutions.

Fill out the form, and we will take care of the rest. Of course, you can also give us a call — see our local country numbers.

Intact Platform Benefits — Facts and Figures

Intact Platform ROI Whitepaper

A representative study exploring the Return on Investment (ROI), Intact Platform benefits, and market outlooks in standards, audit, and certification sectors.