Interactive Dashboards for Anomalies, Root Causes, Risks, and Performance.

Actionable Insights for Your Business

Unlock the information buried in complex audit data to answer business-critical questions, make goal-oriented decisions, and successfully master the challenges facing you. With Intact’s complete Data & Business Analytics toolset, you get clear dashboards with all your key metrics and can automatically identify and act on anomalies, risks, and root causes. Based on the patterns found, you can even predict future audit results for optimization and risk-based planning.


Mitigate Risks and Quickly React to Critical Situations

Get notified about conspicuous audit results detected by Intact’s unique AI algorithms and quickly react to emerging risks. With Intact’s Anomaly Dashboard, you can see everything needing your attention in a single glance. Audit Explorer and Root Cause Analyzer give you the necessary information to mitigate identified risks and secure the integrity of audits, products, and services.

Anomaly Dashboard

Gain Efficiency and Save Costs

Spend less time with detecting risks, fraud, or root causes and instead focus your resources on areas requiring your attention or action. Exactly know whom you need to audit and confidently decide to skip an audit if the risk is low. Intact Data & Business Analytics allows you to plan resources optimally and therefore save time and costs while maintaining the highest quality possible.