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In his role as Vice President, Florian Berger is responsible for the Data and AI Services Global division at the internationally successful technology and consulting company Crayon.

Among other things, he is responsible for developing so-called “Centres of Excellences,” which help global Crayon subsidiaries develop and deploy complex data and AI solutions.

Crayon’s mission

Mr. Berger, in the tech world, Crayon is known as a reliable and highly efficient service partner. How would you describe the company’s current mission?

If we look at Data & AI Services, we have already built up an excellent reputation in the Custom Project Delivery area over the years. Of course, we want to continue to live up to our high standards in terms of quality as well as highly efficient project execution, and we also continuously develop these further to keep customer satisfaction high.

In the long term, however, the trend for us is also moving toward re-use/reusability of individual components and all the way to “standardized solutions.” Partially standardized, reusable software solutions have advantages for all parties involved. Effort and costs are reduced, and the continuous development of the solution is constantly increasing.

How would this change Crayon in the next years, and what is important in this context?

If we succeed in using our expertise to bring “standardized solutions” to the market in addition to our Professional Service offering, we can further increase our recognition value. In the current and highly competitive environment, a strong brand cannot be underestimated.

In addition to all the innovation and further development, it is vital to keep the current pace, quality, and customer satisfaction high. However, nothing stands above employee satisfaction… if we manage to sustainably land exciting, innovative, and strategically important projects and maintain our corporate culture through further growth, we will continue to be an exciting place to work for top talents in the future.

The Future of AI

How do you assess the potential of AI in the next three to five years?

In my opinion, long-term forecasts are impossible… 3-5 years is too far away, but in the short term the topic will be of massive interest to us. Publicly effective projects, such as the hype around ChatGPT, show us again and again how fast progress is being made here in terms of evolution.

In the short term, this development will have an extreme impact on many areas of the economy. The demand for AI models is growing continuously, especially in the field of IoT and also in the area of autonomous systems.

Data protection and ethical issues should definitely be on your radar! As AI models process more and more data, data privacy and ethical considerations become ever more critical. Having a “Responsible AI Officer” on board may soon become a requirement.

What do you think is essential for companies to succeed in implementing AI?

I don’t want to overstretch the topic, but by now (ChatGPT), at the latest, any company should know that it’s time to get their own data under control or to generate added value from it. After all, not only do AI models depend on this, but also the future of every company.

Companies that get this right need to be bold in implementing AI solutions. The culture must move away from POCs (Proof of Concept) to MVPs (Minimum Viable Product). Only solutions in action deliver actual added value. Is the whole thing a no-brainer? Of course not, which is why I see more and more companies turning to experts like us (Crayon). I would advise every entrepreneur – not only because I am at home in the field – to strengthen their teams with external experience to dive into a new era as efficiently and with the highest quality possible.

Cooperation with Intact

Why did you decide to cooperate with Intact?

Because the cooperation makes absolute sense for both sides, and Intact is a great innovative company. Intact brings expertise in audit, certification, and food and agriculture. We, on the other hand, provide additional, far-reaching AI and data know-how.

Many believe that we must be subject matter experts in all our areas of operation. In fact, collaborations like this one are often the most successful. With technical expertise on one side and subject matter expertise on the other, new angles emerge that lead to innovative solutions.

In my opinion, Intact Analytics is not only revolutionary but also forward-looking. The fields of audit and certification will grow continuously in a networked world and will exceed human capabilities in complexity in the near future. Here, AI will be essential to ensure that there is no loss of quality. It is important to mention that the role of AI is in the area of “Decision Support” and not in “Decision Making.” The decision should, therefore, always lie with the human being in the last instance.

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About Crayon

Crayon is an international award-winning, leading provider of Artificial Intelligence, Cloud, and Volume Licensing services. International corporations and mid-sized companies use our expertise and tools to save costs and leverage their IT investments as effectively as possible. We guide our clients from assessing their inventory and strategic options to implementing and scaling new systems. We have the world’s largest team of consultants in cloud optimization. Add to this our expertise in “Data Infrastructure” and “Artificial Intelligence,” our fastest-growing service areas. In Artificial Intelligence, we have successfully implemented more than 150 projects, from business idea to production, in recent years. Headquartered in Oslo, Norway, Crayon employs more than 3500 people worldwide and has offices around the globe

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