UX Research and Product Optimization

User experience (UX) research aims to gain insights and analyze user behavior and requirements for a product. The collected data provides context and perspectives to make informed decisions on optimizing existing functions or which new features add value. At Intact, we specifically pursue the goal of generating added value for our users.

The Intact Platform covers various features and aspects of auditing and certification workflows. Due to the complexity and range, our team focuses on a step-by-step approach to optimize parts of our solution based on priority and user requests.

Last year, we focused our UX research on audit conduction and planning. In particular, we were interested in understanding specific user tasks and the situation they apply to. Additionally, we gathered insights on different workflows and workarounds our customers use regularly.

User Involvement – Learning From Experts

Intact has always been a community-driven organization. Listening to and working directly with our customers is part of our DNA. Applying that practice to our UX project felt natural and was a vital part of the process.

Our UX Research follows a human-centered approach. This means that we involve not only customers and stakeholders but also end-users. Their experiences with our solutions are essential to our efforts.

We conducted remote interviews and workshops to get as much of their input as possible. Users showed and explained practical examples their typical workflow in individual and group interviews. Additionally, the interview offers a platform to discuss problems and possible solutions as a community.

We conducted a UX survey to validate the qualitative data gathered in those interviews. That way, we were able to make sure that we prioritized correctly.

UX Interview Approach

Creating Value Through Findings and Outcomes

Findings are not always about new features. Since UX research starts with a problem-focused view on data, findings often visualize the process rather than providing solutions right away.

We use these findings to improve the overall quality of our software. Additionally, the results help us propose the right features and modules to our customers in the future.

Through our findings, we can also help our customers support their users better. Research results allow us to visualize specific user workflows and develop plans to optimize them.

UX User Involvement

How Everyone Benefits from the UX Initiative

Obviously, our main goal at Intact is to constantly improve the quality of our software – resulting in long-term benefits for everyone. At the same time, focusing on our users generates direct value for all Intact product users:

Software Benefits

  • Optimized feature prioritization
  • Transparent user stories
  • Data-driven decision making

Customer Benefits

  • Increased efficiency
  • Optimized processes
  • Workflow insights

User Benefits

  • Increased accessibility
  • Efficiency gains on tasks
  • Increased user support
UX Research Results

What’s Next?

Due to the positive feedback from both, our community as well as the positive long-term impact on our solutions, we will continue to offer UX research and design projects.

With Johannes Lehner, we have a true UX expert on our team, who’s both heavily involved in the global UX community and a university lecturer on the topic. We are excited about what’s next and are always happy to collaborate with our community.

Contact us if you have any input on our UX research or if you would like to learn more.

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