CSQ to Improve Cannabis Safety and Quality

In 2020, ASI launched the Cannabis Safety & Quality (CSQ) Standards to promote industry best practices and improve the overall safety and quality of cannabis and cannabis-infused products in the market. ASI has now commissioned Intact to develop the CSQ standard setter platform and provide audit and certification technologies to further develop CSQ and enable its infrastructure. The standard setter platform will provide the core infrastructure enabling stability, consistency, and quality of the CSQ standard and its continued growth.

Intact has demonstrated its expertise in building standard setter infrastructures through collaborations with the GRMA, IFS, and IAQG, among others. The partnership with ASI will accelerate the professionalization of the CSQ ecosystem to drive the safety and quality of the cannabis industry forward.

A Strong Partnership

New partnerships are always a reason to celebrate. Intact’s community-driven approach not only helps to further develop Intact solutions for everybody, but also enables meaningful exchange between Industry stakeholders.

“We strongly feel that Intact is the right partner for us to take the next step in becoming a recognized standard setter in the cannabis and cannabis-adjacent industries. Our goal is to create a better, safer and more sustainable industry. State-of-the-art infrastructure is essential for transparent and traceable auditing to achieve that goal. Intact has proven time and again that it can provide such systems on a global scale. We are excited to have them on board for this project,”

said Tyler Williams, Chief Technical Officer of CSQ.

“We are very excited to partner with ASI on this groundbreaking project. The cannabis industry is one of the fastest-growing sectors in the standards space. CSQ’s goal to improve the regulation of the industry will not only increase safety and quality across the entire sector but ultimately benefit the well-being of consumers across the nation. We support their mission and cannot wait to get to work building a future-proof infrastructure,”

Jake Lewin, CEO of Intact US, states.

Intact and ASI will start work on the new CSQ infrastructure in early 2022. The CSQ platform will be based on Intact’s audit and certification software, the Intact Platform, and will launch in 2022. ASI is slated to adopt the Intact Platform in 2023.

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About Intact

Intact is the market leader in audit, certification, and standard management with its two main products, the Intact Platform and Intact Analytics. Their solutions help customers worldwide boost their efficiency and profitability while assuring the highest possible safety and quality of products, services, and qualifications.  Founded in 2001 in Austria, Intact develops software solutions that guarantee quality assurance in the food industry. Today, Intact has seven global offices and sales partners in Austria, the USA, Switzerland, the UK, Germany, and Australia and is used across management, food, and other certification sectors.

About ASI

ASI Food Safety is a provider of independent third-party certification, inspection and training services. Based in Missouri and serving clients nationally, ASI has been providing farm-to-fork safety solutions, such as third-party safety & quality certifications and inspections, consulting and training to the food industry since the 1940s. ASI’s innovative, reliable and trusted food safety and quality solutions assist customers in minimizing risk, reducing recalls, eliminating foodborne illness, and protecting their brand and the health and well-being of their customers.

About CSQ

The Cannabis Safety & Quality (CSQ) Standards were launched in 2020 to promote industry best practices and improve the overall safety and quality of cannabis and cannabis-infused products in the market. The CSQ Certification Program and applicable standards were built around both the ISO/IEC 17067 and the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) Benchmarking requirements. Each standard has been developed by industry professionals and stakeholders to meet industry, customers, and regulatory requirements from seed-to-sale. Sites who achieve the CSQ certification will prove to their customers that they are fully committed to supplying only the safest and highest quality products on the market.

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