Learn from the Best — in the Intact Community

The Intact Summit is a unique community event for Intact’s customers and selected stakeholders that brings together a wide range of representatives from the world of standards, audits, and certifications and invites them to share their experiences. Intact’s customers will use concrete use cases to demonstrate how they have mastered challenges and increased efficiency with Intact’s ECERT software solution. Participants will also learn how to harness the full potential of Intact’s software platform through best practices.

Also, the program also features exciting contributions and discussions dealing with general challenges and questions in the TIC market (Testing, Inspection, Certification). In addition, the Intact Summit 2019 offers plenty of opportunities for networking and informal exchange of experience in the Intact community.

The First Speakers Are Confirmed

The first contributions to the Intact Summit 2019 are already fixed and promise a top-class, versatile program:

    Global Rollout of Intact Software Solutions
  • Marine Stewardship Council (MSC)
    MSC’s Audit & Assessment Platform — Plans, Goals, Details
  • U.S. Department of Agriculture — National Organic Program
    Organic Connections: Protecting the Market Through Technology Innovation
  • Kiwa
    Audit Planning

But not only the Intact Community has its say. At the summit, the Intact executives will also give an outlook on the direction Intact’s software solutions will develop in and which innovations are imminent in the short, medium and long term.

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Georg Karner

Georg Karner

Head of Marketing

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