Inspired Exchange in the Intact Community

The ambiance at the Coeur d’Alene Golf & Spa Resort perfectly reflected the relaxed atmosphere among the participants. The first day started with a short welcome by Intact’s CEO Thomas Lorber. On this occasion, the latest features of ECERT were presented. Immediately afterward it went on in medias res: Intact’s clients presented best practices in dealing with ECERT and concrete application examples, which were actively discussed throughout the day during numerous networking breaks.

Austria Bio Garantie (ABG) explained how ECERT enabled it to digitize its entire audit workflow and create added value for its own clients. Oregon Tilth reported how Intact has helped to make communication with its customers much more efficient. CCOF‘s presentation impressively demonstrated how data from ECERT can be used for analysis and business intelligence, and the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) presented its plans for an audit and assessment platform and its further collaboration with Intact.

Further presentations by Intact rounded off the program of the first day. One was dedicated to the question of how audit and certification data can be used and made available across systems (Integrity Hub Concept). Another one highlighted how this data can be used for optimal decision making in audit and certification management (5 Steps to Make Better Audit Decisions).

Intact Summit 2018 – Intact Community
Intact Summit 2018 – Intact Community

This gave the participants the opportunity to learn from the experiences of others and to discover previously unrecognized applications of ECERT for themselves. As ECERT covers an extremely wide range of functions and applications, even long-standing customers were able to take home new insights and benefit from the exchange in the Intact Community.

The culmination of the first day at Intact Summit 2018 was a boat cruise on the beautiful Lake Coeur d’Alene with culinary delights and a breathtaking sunset. This trip helped participants relax after a long day packed with information, and recharge their batteries for the second day.

Focus on Innovation and Technological Progress

The second day of Intact Summit 2018 was all about progress and innovation, covering topics interesting for Intact and its clients in the short, medium, and long term:

  • A Possible Application of Blockchain Technology in the Area of Audit and Certification Management
  • Intact Analytics: a Comprehensive Tool-Set to Inform Your Decision Making
  • Intact’s Strategy — an Outlook on Where We Are Heading
  • ECERT Product Roadmap Presentation
  • Call for Ideas + Voting Session
  • Mobile App (Prototype) Presentation

Especially the presentation of Intact’s corporate strategy was eagerly awaited. In this context, the new majority owner of Intact GmbH, represented by Frank Gleitz of IMCap GmbH, was able to present its vision for the future for and with Intact. The core statement of his presentation was: clients will continue to be served with the same high quality in the future. Thanks to additional growth capital invested in Intact in the course of the transaction, clients can even expect important innovations and improvements.

Intact Mobile App

One of these innovations was already presented to the summit’s participants as a functional prototype: the ECERT Mobile App. The feedback was extremely positive and so everyone was pleased to hear that the development of the actual application has already started. The app is expected to be available to Intact’s clients next year.

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