A Massive Move Toward Self-Sufficiency and Green Operation 

Since the launch of our 13 kWp photovoltaic power plant in May 2020, we have produced more energy than we consumed. We take full advantage of our solar power production during office hours and even offer free e-car charging on our parking lot. We remain connected to the grid to contribute excess green power and ensure our digital infrastructure’s reliability.

Photovoltaic power plant at Intact’s HQ

Sustainability at Intact 

The move toward self-sufficiency and green energy production is part of our comprehensive efforts to act on our corporate social responsibilities. At Intact, sustainability is a mindset throughout the organization, with waste prevention and recycling as starting points.  

We make sure to keep our operations paperless, including correspondence and contracts using digital signatures whenever possible. Using our very own Intact Platform makes keeping track of contracts, documents, and correspondence easy and straight-forward. Our systems can help you do the same. 

Proven Remote Working Environment and Excellent Infrastructure 

As a growing company offering full-service global support, we also consider the carbon footprint of commute and business travel. Thanks to our remote working environment, we keep travel to a minimum with a track record of successful remote workshops and implementation projects. Our headquarters offer easy access to public transportation, used by many of our employees. 

We are proud of our efforts to make Intact as a company more sustainable.