A Place for Exchange among Experts—The Exhibition at the Food Safety Congress

The Food Safety Kongress in Berlin on February 19–20, 2019, will bring together all-important trade and industry representatives in the field of food safety and offer participants ample opportunity to exchange experiences and expand their own business network. In addition to the congress, the exhibition is an ideal place to present projects and solutions from these areas:

  • IT, Quality Management and Quality Assurance
  • Hygiene and Tidiness/Cleansing
  • Logistics and Packaging
  • Risk Management
  • Safety Tests/Audits
  • Strategy- and Communications Consultancy

Intact presents ECERT and Intact ANALYTICS

Last year, Intact had the opportunity to give a talk about the incredible potential of data that companies too often left unused. This year again, Intact’s data science expert Jochen Kleboth answers questions about this topic and shows what a business intelligence solution suitable for certification bodies, standard setters, and manufacturers can look like.

Already today, for example, over 80% of all audit non-conformities can be correctly predicted. Advanced technologies such as predictive analytics and machine learning make this possible. The benefit is that you can, for example, determine in advance the best time for an audit or the required qualification of an auditor for a particular audit.

The more data a company has available, the more accurate predictions can be made. Data provided by Intact’s flagship product ECERT are ideal for this purpose. However, the use of ECERT is not a prerequisite for using Intact ANALYTICS.

Those interested in this topic will find numerous articles by Jochen Kleboth on the Integrity Blog by Intact, in which he introduces his readers step by step to the possibilities of data analysis. Especially recommended is his article 5 Steps to Make Better Audit Decisions.

Our colleagues are looking forward to speaking with you.

Jochen Kleboth

Jochen Kleboth

Head of Data and Business Analytics, Intact

Frank Gerriets

Sales Partner

ECERT — The End-to-End Solution for Certifiers, Standard Setters, and Accreditation Bodies

To learn more about ECERT – the leading ERP solution, tailored for the TIC market (Testing, Inspection, Certification) – Frank Gerriets is the right person to talk to. With ECERT, a certification body’s core process can be fully mapped; from quotation to invoicing, from audit planning to completed certification. Also, standard setters and producers use ECERT to manage certification data or carry out supplier audits, respectively.

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