Intacts Customer Service Approach

At Intact, we always strive to provide our customers with the best possible product to face their challenges. However, delivering an excellent solution doesn’t end with the product for us. Our goal is to create an infrastructure to meet our customer needs on every level. This is why we work hard to continuously optimize our customer service solutions.

Over the last year, we have implemented an array of changes that are aimed at upgrading your experience with our solutions even further. Discover entirely new as well as upgraded services for your success.

New Service Desk

Providing the right service also means providing an easy-to-use and accessible service. This is why it was especially important to us to further optimize our service desk. The new look doesn’t just improve design, but overall usability, accessibility and integration with the Intact Knowledgebase.

Discover an intuitive structure that you can access from all your favorite devices. The new Intact Service Desk will bring you the high Intact service quality that you are used to in a new and refreshed look.

New Service Approach

It has always been our goal to grow alongside our customers and their demands. As 2021 has been another record year for us in terms of growth and new partnerships, we knew it was time to put our longstanding plans for another customer service upgrade in motion.

Not only did we increase our customer service staff by more than 60% since 2020, but we also implemented a new, holistic structure that will deliver you the best possible service. Our updated and improved team structure will benefit your business operations in a number of ways.

Multiple customer service specialists, who are familiar with your business and setup will be responsible for you, leading to an increased service offering. An open sharing of resources within the team allows for improved customer service and secures your support needs against vacations, sick leaves and more. The new system creates a future-proof setup, securing the best possible service for you for years to come.

Additionally, we have created new, specialized roles like business experts and release owners. This allows us to have highly trained experts ready for you when you need them and will further increase the quality of our services.

Documentation in the Knowledge Base

Servicing our community as good as possible doesn’t only include our active support. Creating resources that will help Intact product users solve their problems quickly by themselves enables everybody to get the most out of them. This is why we have put an additional focus on expanding our Intact Platform Knowledgebase.

It offers a comprehensive collection of product and feature how-to guides and answers frequently asked user questions so you can get the most out of the Intact Platform. The ever-growing resource expands by the day and is increasingly interlinked with our solutions.

Learn More

Would you like to learn more about our customer service approach and how it interacts with our solutions? Book a call with one of our representatives and learn more about the right solution for your problems.

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