Technical Progress – With Potential For Improvement

At present, nobody in the food industry doubts that digital solutions will enhance the level of security and integrity. Almost all audit and supply chain data are gathered digitally. However, our industry has not yet fully reached digitization.

On the one hand, we still record audit data decentrally, manually, or even in analog form, although seamless digital solutions exist. On the other hand, we derive little benefit from the collected data and often fail due to sheer volume. Precisely this point holds the most significant untapped potential for more efficiency and – ultimately – security.  

Problem-solving with Artificial Intelligence

Experience has shown that audit results are still analysed on a random basis. A possible technical solution can be found in the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI), which, unlike humans, can examine 100 per cent of all available audit data in real-time – regardless of its amount.

After more than five years of development, Intact Analytics is proof that this is more than a pipe dream. The first and only audit analysis tool based on AI identifies anomalies, root causes and enables easy risk-based planning. Smart dashboards help users focus on their most relevant business metrics. 

The Software Solution for More Integrity and Security

Innovative standard-setters such as the International Featured Standards (IFS) already rely on the software, convinced that using Intact Analytics will increase the quality of their standards. Certification bodies and manufacturers also benefit and can respond to emerging risks and problems up to 70% faster.  

Intact – Your Full-Service Solution

Discover the future of auditing and certification now. It doesn’t matter if you are looking for an all-new audit and certification setup, or want to discover the secrets hidden in your audit date – Intact has the right solution for you.

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