Intact Session at GFSI

Want to learn how AI can ensure the integrity of your audits and improve food safety? Check out the GSFI conference session “Applying Artificial Intelligence to Increase Integrity and Improve Food Safety” with the Head of Intact Analytics, Jochen Kleboth.

The session will explain how you can easily apply game-changing AI technology to help answer critical audit chain questions to ensure integrity, safety, and efficiency in every step of the audit chain. Intact Analytics makes AI technology and analysis accessible to everyone – even without previous data-science know-how. The software can help you move beyond random sampling to analyzing 100% of your audit data. It automatically detects anomalies, risks, and root causes, so you can respond to critical issues as they arise. The smart dashboards help you cut the noise and focus on what’s important by delivering you easy-to-read actionable insights.

Intact Session – Hard Facts

  • What: Applying Artificial Intelligence to Increase Integrity and Improve Food Safety  
  • Where: GSFI Virtual Conference “Food Safety: Reset, Rethink, Recharge”  
  • When: March 25, 2021   
  • Who: Jochen Kleboth, Head of Intact Analytics.  

Jochen Kleboth, Head of Data and Business Analytics, Intact

Mr. Kleboth has worked in food safety analytics for more than 15 years, bringing data science to the industry. He has won several academic awards for his research in the intersection of Food Audit Management and the use of Artificial Intelligence.

At Intact, Jochen puts his research into practice leading the Intact Analytics business unit. He works with key players in food safety to develop AI-based software solutions that help food companies, certification program owners, and certification bodies.   

Meet Intact at GFSI 2021

Want more time with Intact experts? Intact’s representatives will be attending the conference and would love to meet up with you virtually. Whether you want additional insight on one of our products, establish a connection, or just chat about current industry topics – set up a meeting with us!

Intact not only offers the innovative, novel audit analysis tool Intact Analytics, but also the all-in one audit and certification solution Intact Platform. The Intact Platform is the leading cloud and on-premise Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution for audits, assessments, certification, accreditation, and standards worldwide. It goes beyond other audit collection tools on the market with a full solution approach that helps you manage communications, business goals, and personnel. The Intact Platform is unsurpassed in functionality and features a fully modular end-to-end workflow that is easily scalable.

You want to learn more? Meet up with us, or book a demo!

Visit the Intact Booth at GFSI 2021

You have a scheduling issue with our session and don’t know when and if you are going to be available for a meeting with us? Don’t worry, we got you covered: We are excited to announce that Intact will be featured at the digital GFSI conference with a special, digital booth!

This means you can come up to us virtually and start a little chat. We look forward to meeting you there and having a digital conference experience, as close to the real thing as it gets. You want to learn more about how this works? Check out the official GFSI page or read the overview of the digital experience below!

GFSI’s annual conference is the must-attend event for anyone working in food safety. 1,000+ industry leaders from around the world participate every year, sharing knowledge, networking, and completing business deals. Renowned experts give presentations offering insight into the latest technologies and innovations utilized by the food safety industry. Register to attend GFSI’s 2021 “Food Safety: Rethink, Reset, Recharge” virtual conference March 23-25, 2021. 

Learn more about Intact Analytics 

Intact Analytics uses AI-driven analytics solutions to help you gain insights buried in your complex audit data and displays them in easy-to-read dashboards anyone can understand. The AI software automatically detects anomalies and conspicuous audit results so you can respond to risks as they arise. 

  • Analyze 100 % of your audits – not just random samples
  • Cut the noise – smart dashboards show only what’s relevant
  • Automatically identify anomalies, root causes, and risk factors
  • Simplify risk-based audit planning
  • Gain insights on auditor performance and learn from the best

Ditch the Guesswork

Intact Analytics analyzes 100% of your audit data instead of random samples. AI predicts future audit results so you can make risk-based planning decisions and optimization. Let Intact help you unlock the information buried in your complex audit data so you can answer business-critical questions, solve your biggest challenges, and make goal-oriented decisions.   

Visit us at GSFI’s annual conference to learn more or request a demo to get started today.

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