2023 has been a remarkable year for Intact, marked by significant achievements and innovations. Our journey has seen amazing product development, an expanding community, strong and sustainable corporate growth, and a clear vision for the future. We are excited to take a moment to reflect with all of you and dive into some of last year’s highlights.

Product Development

In 2023, the Intact Platform has reached new heights with the release of over 150 development items, showcasing our commitment to continuous improvement and innovation.

Intact Platform Development Highlights

One of the standout enhancements includes a revamped navigation for Intact Mobile, making it more user-friendly and efficient. Our Digital Signature integration with Docusign has streamlined processes, enhancing the overall user experience.

The introduction of Auditor <> Reviewer Feedback has fostered a more collaborative and efficient environment. The integration with GLOBALG.A.P. IFA V5 has broadened our scope, ensuring global compliance and connectivity. Additionally, Group Certification has streamlined processes and increased efficiency.

New Products & Upgrades


2023 has been a year of significant community growth and engagement. We are thrilled to have welcomed dozens of new members to the Intact Community. These include prominent organizations like Asure Quality, GZQ, and ZDH-Zert, who have started leveraging our products to enhance their operations. We are proud to welcome all of you to our growing community and are excited for the shared journey ahead.

Community Highlight:
Intact Summit 2023

Community-driven is more than a buzzword for us. Each year, both the Intact staff and our community of customers and partners look forward to the yearly Intact Summit – our community conference.

We were more than excited to bring the Intact Summit back to a live format in Vienna in June for the first time since 2019. After three years of pandemic-induced virtual iterations, it was great to get everybody back together in person for exciting live sessions, product demonstrations, expert panels, and vibrant exchange

Corporate Growth and Development

Continuous, sustainable growth is not just our mission as a business but also the underlying promise to our SaaS customers, as it goes hand in hand with amplified innovation, product development, and customer service excellence.

This year has been another milestone in our journey of sustainable growth. We are delighted to announce that 2023 marked our second consecutive year of more than 25% growth in operating revenue, surpassing last year’s figures and our 2023 goals. This growth has bolstered our corporate performance, generating a steadily increasing revenue in the double-digit millions of Euros.

Our continued growth is also reflected in our expanding Intact team. We were happy to welcome a record-breaking number of new colleagues to the Intact family across all departments in 2023. We hope you had a great start and are already looking forward to more new faces, supporting us in our mission in 2024.

Reporting Database

Second Year >25% Growth

Our multi-year double-digit growth has reached new heights with 2022 and 2023 delivering growth rates above 25%

Time & Cost Reporting

Double-Digit Million € Revenue

Bolstered corporate performance, generating a steadily increasing revenue in the double-digit millions of Euros.


Record Number of Employees

Along with our business growth, we are happy to further grow the Intact family, firmly establishing its numbers in the triple-digits.

Further Sustainable Development

„We Act Responsibly, “ – one of our core values, does not end with responsible, sustainable growth for us. It also includes continuous optimizations in our efforts to be as environmentally responsible as possible.

In line with that commitment, we have electrified our entire company car fleet, switched a wide range of corporate travel to trains, and expanded our offer of company E-bikes to employees, reducing our carbon footprint for necessary short- and long-distance business travel.

Business Building - Visionary

Happy People Make for a Great Company

Growth isn’t just measured in numbers and corporate achievements at Intact. In line with our value of “We Appreciate Each Other,” we continuously strive to foster an environment of appreciation and respect – both towards our customers and within our organization.

We are happy to report that we have achieved strong growth in both areas in the past year. Regarding our customers, we were happy to increase all relevant satisfaction areas in our yearly customer happiness survey. Regarding our employees, we have received excellent feedback, ranking far above average companies in an independently conducted survey and analysis for workplace safety and wellbeing this year.

We are also happy to report an ongoing Intact baby boom, continuing a trend from the last two years, with seven new tiny members joining the Intact family in 2023.

An additional testament to employee satisfaction was awarded to us late in the year as we were named one of Kununu’s top 5% of employers. Kununu is the largest local employer rating site, allowing employees and applicants to give feedback and ratings to local companies.

The Road Ahead

Looking towards 2024, we are brimming with excitement and anticipation. With the foundations laid in 2023, the upcoming year promises to bring innovative developments, further community engagement, and continued sustainable growth.

In a year already promising to be filled with highlights, we are especially excited about the following key activities:

  • Intact Summit in Chicago | June 12-13
  • Further large-scale expansion of Intact’s API offerings
  • Exciting new features, including further Planning functionalities, various Intact Mobile Enhancement, and IntactGPT
  • New value-based multimedia content formats for our community

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