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Discover the future of auditing and certification now. It doesn’t matter if you are choosing a tailored, single-module solution or the full package – Intact will help you save valuable resources and provide a better audit experience for your clients.

Intact Platform – Master All Audits and Increase Efficiency

Easily master onsite, blended, and remote audits with our complete audit and certification solution. The Intact Platform powers audits and certification on every continent and brings standardization, innovation, and increased efficiency to your certification business

  • All-in-one software solution – from audit planning to certification and more
  • Modular toolset – only use the parts you need and scale as you grow
  • Fully digital workflow – 30% efficiency increase on average
  • Ready for remote, blended, and desktop audits
  • Audit anywhere with the Intact Mobile app – online and offline on phone, tablet, or PC
  • Complete oversight with Intact BI – integrated management dashboards

New: GLOBALG.A.P. Module

The Intact Platform is the only GLOBALG.A.P. approved audit tool with plug-and-play interfaces to both the GLOBALG.A.P. Database and the Audit Online Hub. Save valuable time, protect your ratings, and meet deadlines with Intact’s new GLOBALG.A.P. certification module.

Intact Platform Benefits — Hard Facts and Figures

Intact Platform ROI Whitepaper

This whitepaper is based on a representative study to find out the exact return on investment (ROI) our customers are receiving, the benefits of using the Intact Platform, and the market position outlooks for their given industries.

Intact Analytics – Make More of Your Data

Insights without searching. Intact Analytics uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to analyze audit data, find anomalies, and make suggestions to improve audit performance and planning. Make informed decisions with no data science know-how needed.

  • Analyze 100 % of your audits – not just random samples
  • Cut the noise – smart dashboards show only what’s relevant
  • Automatically identify anomalies, root causes, and risk factors
  • Simplify risk-based audit planning
  • Gain insights on auditor performance and learn from the best

Free On-Demand Analytics Webinar

You want to learn more about how Intact Analytics works and how to apply AI in audit analysis? Watch our free on-demand webinar on audit analysis to learn how you to make more of your data.

In this video, we are going to show you the core functionality of AI-based audit analysis, talk about use cases and explain everything you need to know as a first step. Start your data journey today.

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