Tracking the Entire Supply Chain — Including Imported Goods

Bio Suisse — Switzerland’s leading organic organization founded in 1981 — established a high-quality standard for organic products in Switzerland under the Bud label (Marke Knospe). The Bio Suisse standard exceeds legal requirements for organic and applies to the entire supply chain. The Bud stands for organic products of the highest quality and integrity.

Organic products may only be imported to Switzerland if there is no or insufficient supply in the Swiss market. Bio Suisse’s strict guidelines apply to imported goods, which can only carry the Bud label if the entire supply chain is verified. Prior to March 2017, all batch checks for imported Bud label products were performed manually, which was cumbersome and time-consuming.

Bio Suisse began looking for a solution that would make the verification process faster and more convenient while increasing consumer and retail safety.

Quick, Easy, and Safe — Digital Batch Checks with the Supply Chain Monitor

Bio Suisse began using the Intact Platform’s Supply Chain Monitor to handle batch checks digitally in March 2017. With the Supply Chain Monitor web portal, exporters can enter all data related to batches imported into Switzerland directly. The corresponding importer is then notified that a transaction is ready for processing. Before approving the transaction, the importer can check the data provided by the exporter and the certificates of its suppliers. In a final step, Bio Suisse checks the data and certificates of every party involved before the imported product is approved for being traded under the Bud label.

Practical Experiences of Supply Chain Monitor Users

The Intact Supply Chain Monitor met all of Bio Suisse’s expectations in terms of speed, simplicity, and security. In issue 6|2017 of Bioaktuell magazine, Katharina Scheuner interviewed two Swiss importers to see their thoughts on the system.

Thomas Baldauf, Head of Quality Management at Punto Fresco SA, was involved in a pilot project before the official launch of the Supply Chain Monitor. The most important thing for him was to reduce waiting times. Baldauf is particularly satisfied with the reduction of waiting times for weekly data deliveries from up to three months to three weeks maximum. Previously high printing costs are also a thing of the past thanks to the entirely digital workflow.

Claudio von Felten, Head of Procurement at Sunray, was more critical about the new system. The system change led to an increase in administrative workload, as Sunray counts many direct producers among its suppliers. Many of the suppliers needed training on how to use the system. Bio Suisse took in his feedback and has already improved many of the issues. Overall, von Felten considers the switch to the Supply Chain Monitor and, thus, a digital system not only vital but necessary — in particular for future trade with the EU.

You can find out more about the Bio Suisse Supply Chain Monitor platform here »

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