MSC’s Initial Situation

Consumers buying products carrying the MSC label should always be assured that the fish has been caught using sustainable fishing methods only. Therefore, the integrity of its standards and the transparent traceability of all MSC-certified products are paramount to the MSC. To ensure this, the MSC attached great importance to the clear management of all certificate holders and their suppliers. In addition, cooperation with certification and assessment bodies was to be simplified. To provide maximum transparency, the current certification data and information of all MSC-certified companies should be readily available via a public web platform.

The Solution: a Comprehensive Management System for the MSC

All requirements of the MSC were successfully implemented with the solutions of the Intact Platform:

  • A comprehensive certificate and licensee management system
  • An online portal for decentralized data administration by certification and assessment bodies
  • Clearly mapped supply chains with a quick and easy overview of certificate holders and licensees, and their suppliers
  • A public web platform that gives suppliers and consumers access to certificates and current certification data

“Intact helped us deliver the solutions we need, especially as we grow. Not only do we have our audits and fishery assessments in the Intact system, butalso some of our other core business processes.”

Marcus Nelson Business Intelligence Systems Developer, Marine Stewardship Council

With the Intact Platform solutions, the MSC streamlines its licensee management and maps complex supplier data including current certification status. This enables the MSC to guarantee and verify the quality of all MSC-certified products.

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