FoodChain ID Certification’s Initial Situation

An optimized certification process and a well-structured data management system were FoodChain ID’s main requirements when looking into implementing a new, professional audit and certification management solution. The new solution needed to be able to record and link detailed records of all certified customers incl. audit trail, plan and conduct audits, manage findings, corrective actions, and deadlines, and issue certifications incl. certificate creation.

The Intact Platform Solutions for Audit and Certification Management

The Intact Platform meets all the abovementioned goals and helped FoodChain ID Certification to optimize its processes and gain complete oversight. Intact’s robust, flexible audit and certification workflow guarantees the central availability of all data accumulated in the course of the process – clearly structured and linked to all related entities. After certification, certificates can be created and immediately provided to customers as a PDF download. Interfaces and web portals facilitate data exchange and communication with customers and partners.

By implementing the Intact Platform, FoodChain ID Certification could gain efficiencies throughout its workflow and is now able to dedicate more time to providing excellent customer service.

FoodChain ID Certification Logo

“At FoodChain ID Certification, we take the time to listen to each of our customers’ unique certification requirements so that we can provide the optimal tools and resources for their audit preparation. Delivering customer-centered service is a primary goal of FoodChain ID, and the Intact Platform helps us reach it.”

Rhonda Wellik CEO,
FoodChain ID Certification

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