Coop’s Initial Situation

Coop needed an internal audit management software that was user friendly with decentralized access. It wanted a software solution that facilitated the administration of checklists, the planning and allocation of audits, and the digital recording of the audit results. Paperless data administration and comprehensive evaluation possibilities were necessary to enable benchmarking to determine targeted measures for quality improvement.

Intact’s Audit Management Solution

The Intact Platform met Coop’s requirement of a user-friendly and multilingual interface. Together, we were able to implement processes that were not well-covered by Coop’s existing IT solutions. The integration of Coop’s central business software, SAP, and the Intact Platform automated the continuous updating of assortment and address data, and responsibilities.

Coop benefits from the fully digital provision and processing of checklists when carrying out audits. Auditors are only shown the checkpoints relevant to the respective audit, making the audit process more efficient. Multiple data inputs are eliminated. The Intact Platform made it possible for Coop to evaluate and compare branches to national or regional averages.

The Intact Platform ensures that the necessary data is entered while reducing input errors. The completely digital processing allows results to be viewed quickly and clearly. Benchmarking helps to improve quality and supports Coop in expanding its position as a market leader.


“ The Intact Platform is our central tool for the qualification of our business partners and sales outlets, which gives us a clear overview of all audit results and applied measures, and the possibility to evaluate them in the best possible way. ”

Andreas Dörr Head of QM Food,

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Here you will find the complete list of our subsidiaries with contact details.