We are excited to announce that Intact Platform version 16.06 features extensive usability upgrades. Guided by feedback from the Intact Community, we improved important user interface (UI) elements to make working with the Intact Platform even easier and more accessible. 

Discover new usability upgrades like advanced navigation, a cleaner user interface, and a restructured workflow. Learn more about the individual changes in this article. If you have any questions or want to learn more, don’t hesitate to contact us

More Space for Content

Enjoy the new clean and sleek look of the Intact Platform, giving you more space for content and increased oversight.

Improved Readability and Cleaner User Interface

The Intact Platform’s user interface now offers even more space and oversight, so you never lose track of your data. Additionally, you can now enjoy improved readability across all devices. Version 16.06 features a new layout with optimized fonts and font settings.

Higher Color Contrast

The newly implemented, improved color contrast gives the Intact Platform another accessibility boost, enabling better readability on all devices for the visually impaired.

The advanced navigation coming to you with the version 16.06 will make your work with the Intact Platform even easier. Benefit from increased oversight, improved breadcrumbs, and an easy-to-navigate multi-level-structure.

New “Back” Button

Our new and improved “Back”-button allows you to return to your previously opened window with ease. The intuitive design element allows you to easily navigate through the Intact Platform and makes our solution especially user-friendly for first-time-users.

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