Maximizing Effectiveness & Efficiency

Intact Systems early recognized that both audits and the management of audits need to be more effective and, at the same time, more efficient. The need for risk-based audit approaches is obvious and has been discussed now for years on various levels of the food chain. As a result, the uncontrolled growth of different practices took place. Unfortunately, a practical and profound solution is yet lacking.

This rather dissatisfying situation was the driver for Intact Systems to initiate and fund a research project with Wageningen University (Netherlands) in 2014. The main goal of this research – conducted under the lead of Ph.D. researcher Jochen Kleboth – is to develop an applicable approach to enable decision-makers to make informed decisions about risk-based audits.

A Practical Framework for Risk-Based Auditing

After an intense starting phase, we are delighted to announce the first scientific publication on “Risk-based integrity audits in the food chain – A framework for complex systems” in Trends in Food Science and Technology. This paper deals with insights into the current approach in the European food control and audit system, the underestimation of complexity, and the role of trust in food control and auditing. Furthermore, the need for complex systems thinking in risk-based auditing is discussed and a practical framework to structure complex system risk-based auditing is presented.

Reaching the Next Level of Integrity

This first step in our ongoing research (hopefully) added an important cornerstone towards a profound solution in risk-based food integrity audit management. The next publications will show how modern statistical methods can support informed decision making in risk-based audit management and how the knowledge of people can systematically be gathered and used to derive and validate key-risk factors. Stay tuned for further results!

Let’s Work Together!

We are looking forward to stimulate and shape the development of risk-based audit approaches together with you. If you have any questions or suggestions on our publication, or if you are interested to take part in our endeavor, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.


Jochen Kleboth

Jochen Kleboth

Head of Data and Business Analytics, Intact