Intact to Redevelop OASIS

We are proud to share that the International Aerospace Quality Group (IAQG) has announced the selection of Intact to redevelop and advance the Online Aerospace Supplier Information System® (OASIS). 

OASIS is the global aerospace quality management system (AQMS) developed by the IAQG that serves the worldwide aerospace industry as the repository of all quality standard certifications, auditors, and audit results related to the stringent quality standards required to conduct business within the worldwide aerospace supply chain.

“After careful review and consideration, IAQG has selected a committed partner in Intact and we are confident in their abilities to digitize the audit trail while securing data integrity throughout that process. Intact has spent time analyzing our existing system and met all of our requirements to ensure that we are bolstering the current version of OASIS while developing a platform specific for the aerospace industry.”

Andy Maher, President of IAQG and Quality Director for BAE Systems, Air Sector

The IAQG – A Strong Partner in the Aerospace Industry

The IAQG sets the standard for quality within the worldwide supply chain of the aerospace industry. The organization is comprised of member companies within the aviation, space and defense industries who design, development, manufacture, and support original equipment at system or subsystem levels. The IAQG is committed to establishing commonality of quality systems and improvement standards. These standards are documented, published, and applied internationally by original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and circulated throughout the supply chain. 

OASIS, which was developed and is managed by the IAQG, contains a worldwide list of suppliers who are certified/registered under the IAQG rules to comply with the aerospace quality management system requirements of the 9100 series of industry standards. It also contains a listing of all bodies involved in the process that includes National Accreditation Bodies, Certification Bodies, and Authenticated Aerospace Experienced Auditors.

OASIS to Ease Digital Transformation

The global aerospace industry continues to expand as consumer, commercial, and government demand increases. The need to improve the structure of the global database of quality standard certifications across the supply chain has led to a broader IAQG digital transformation. This project is one aspect of that transformation, which when complete will provide largescale collaboration and ease of data access for those committee members who work to continually improve the various standards that ensure the aerospace industry remains a vital economic driver. 

Intact Platform to Increase Day-to-Day Quality

In support of the economic impact that IAQG member companies have globally, Intact software will provide all industry stakeholders a fully digitized auditing and quality management system. In addition, the improved platforms will provide innovative capabilities, value-added data access, and upgraded efficiencies to auditors and certifying bodies in the sector. The entire aerospace community will benefit from the Intact Platform for day-to-day quality and audits and the ability to later apply Intact Analytics for long term trend, root cause, and audit anomaly monitoring. 

“When reviewing our options for this important project, we identified a company with a global footprint and a strong reputation to provide these improvements. We are confident in Intact’s capacity to meet our needs for the sake of the industry.”

Joerg Werner, IAQG European Aerospace Quality Group Sector Leader, Head of Quality Procurement, Airbus

The OASIS platform improvements will be completed in Q4 2021.  More information is available at

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