Direct Impact on Business Opportunities 

Working with the Intact Platform, you can be certain that your data is in safe hands. But the ISO 27001 certification does even more for our customers: 

Operating within an ISO 27001-certified system like the Intact Platform signals a serious commitment to data security to potential clients. Our CB customers are leveraging this successfully to win tenders, citing the certification as a key factor in their success. After all, every interaction and data exchange within the system adheres to the highest security standards – a stand-out differentiator in the competitive market. 

Intact Platform for Accreditation Compliance 

The Intact Platform supports Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), addressing a crucial aspect of data security and compliance. With entities like UKAS requiring MFA for accreditation, our Platform ensures our customers meet these essential criteria, maintaining their eligibility to audit specific standards. 

By incorporating MFA, the Intact Platform not only meets evolving security requirements but also facilitates compliance, ensuring our customers are fully equipped to meet the accreditation standards demanded by regulatory bodies. 

At Intact, we remain committed to providing our customers with a secure, reliable Platform that protects their data and empowers them to grow their business and achieve their goals. Through our ISO 27001 certification and the implementation of Multi-Factor Authentication, the Intact Platform stands for security and excellence in the certification industry. 

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Fill out this form to get an in-depth demo of the Intact Platform with one of our experts.