From Graz to Villach and Back

Meet Hidden Champions—TU Graz, 14 November 2018

The first stop to be covered here was Meet Hidden Champions at the Graz University of Technology. An event in which a company can only participate at the invitation of the University. 22 companies from the greater Graz area were invited, who were given the opportunity to present themselves to the students as an attractive employer.

Short, only seven minutes long impulse lectures should convince the students to talk to the representatives of the companies after the lecture sessions. Intact sent its COO, Peter Hofmann, to present the company from its humorous side during these seven minutes and thereby generate as much attention as possible. His lecture, in which he described the daily work at Intact with scenes from the television series “The Simpsons”, earned multiple applause and afterward brought numerous interesting conversations.

Meet Hidden Champions — TU Graz
Meet Hidden Champions at TU Graz

Business Day — HTL Villach, 4 November 2018

From Graz, the way led a few weeks later to Carinthia to present Intact at the HTL Villach Business Day. Carinthia, as a recruiting area, is more than interesting for Intact, because Carinthians are almost traditionally drawn to Styria after school or University. As a result, the HTL is clearly one of the first points of contact for the Styrian software company. As one of the largest schools in Carinthia, with a focus on computer science, the goal must be to get in touch with the young future software developers at an early stage, in order to make Intact interesting as a future employer. The offer of the enterprise to the Carinthian pupils reached from the support of diploma theses, over occupation practical courses up to the occupation entrance directly after school.

In recent years, the proportion of Carinthians at Intact’s headquarters in Lebring has risen steadily—this trend must be sustained. In order not to leave the pool of potential employees in Austria’s southernmost province unused, Intact will continue to travel to career fairs, business and company days in Carinthia in the future.

Wirtschaftstag — HTL Villach
Business Day at HTL Villach

Recruiting Day — HTL Kaindorf, 8 March 2019

HTL Kaindorf and Intact have been connected for many years. No less than 18 current employees have their academic roots in this institution in Intact’s neighborhood. The Recruiting Day has been a fixture of Intact’s recruiting activities for many years and will remain so for the foreseeable future, as only the best experiences have been made with the graduates of this school. Two Kaindorf graduates were sent back by Intact to their old domain to represent the company on this day. Werner Deutschmeister, Head of Operations, and Bettina Czuser, Operations Engineer, gave the students insights into the working world at Intact and also informed them about their experiences at HTL Kaindorf.

Over the years, Intact has supervised a number of diploma theses and accompanied internships. Also, this summer interns of the HTL will be able to gain their first professional experience in software programming at Intact and the cooperation with the HTL Kaindorf will be extended by a new chapter.

Recruiting Day — HTL Kaindorf
Recruiting Day — HTL Kaindorf

Partner & Career Day — FH Joanneum Graz, 12 March 2019

The last station of the past recruiting months led Intact back to Graz, where the Partner & Career Day 2019 was waiting at the FH Joanneum. A total of 55 companies presented themselves to the students of the study areas IT and Economics. With Intact’s Head of Development, Rudi Rauch, on-site, all questions regarding the development process and the technologies used at Intact could be explained to the young developers down to the smallest detail.

Of course, Intact also offers students the opportunity to supervise their diploma theses, but also to work part-time alongside their studies, as some of the current colleagues at Intact already do. In recent years the FH Joanneum has become one of the most important educational institutions for new employees for the company. In the last 12 months, no less than five colleagues have found their way from the FH to the various departments of Intact.

Partner & Career Day — FH Joanneum Graz
Partner & Career Day — FH Joanneum Graz

Intact grows Constantly

Intact is a rapidly growing company in a sector that is becoming more and more important and is therefore always on the lookout for well-trained employees. Within one year the number of employees has increased by fifteen and soon more new colleagues will be added in Lebring. What this growth means for the company and how Intact deals with it, you can read in the coming week in our news section.

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