What is CyberGRX

CyberGRX is a cybersecurity company specializing in third-party cyber risk management. The company offers a platform and services designed to help organizations assess and manage the cybersecurity risks associated with their third-party vendors and suppliers.

Our cybersecurity results

Following this thorough cybersecurity check, we are thrilled to present our maturity ratings – a testament to our unwavering commitment to your safety. We’re incredibly proud of this achievement, and we like to share it with you.

Maturity Ratings

  • Strategic: 4.56 / 5
  • Operational: 4.28 / 5
  • Core: 4.28 / 5
  • Management: 4.28 / 5
  • Privacy: 4.44 / 5

Your security is our top priority, and that’s why we continuously invest in strengthening our security measures. We are proud to rank in the highest bucket for all five areas and are actively working to further optimize our ratings for the next test.

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