Intact’s Full Potential Program & SaaS Licensing

Thomas Lorber (CEO, Intact) and Jake Lewin (CEO, Intact US) present Intact’s Full Potential Program and explain the transition to the new Software as a Service (SaaS) licensing model.

Feature Spotlight

In this Feature Spotlight, Dimo Hirsch, Intact’s Head of Product Management, highlights new and exciting features that have been released for Ecert / the Intact Platform over the past months.

Feature Development Outlook

Intact’s Head of Product Management, Dimo Hirsch, gives an outlook on features upcoming to Ecert / the Intact Platform.

Intact Mobile App

The Intact Mobile App for audits & certification is the most comprehensive audit tool for mobile devices running on Android and iOS (with an option to run it on Windows10). The power of the Intact Platform (Ecert) combined with state of the art user experience and design allows auditors to work efficiently, focused, and secure – both offline and online.

Audit Plan

Janneck Peersman, Business Innovation Manager at Kiwa International, explains how Kiwa uses the Audit Plan functionality in Ecert / on the Intact Platform to secure its accreditation and to efficiently manage its audit and certification process. Kiwa is a world top 20 leader in Testing, Inspection, and Certification (TIC).

Supplier Self-Assessment: Implementation & Integration

Heidi Martel shows how the Intact Platform (Ecert) can help with managing Supplier Self-Assessments and seamlessly integrate into the organization’s supplier evaluation and quality assurance process.

How Ecert Helps Certify Multi-Location Chain Retailers & Restaurants

Jody Biergiel Colclough, Director of Certification Operations at CCOF, shows how CCOF uses Ecert / the Intact Platform to audit and certify multi-location chain-retailers and restaurants. CCOF is the largest organic certifies in the USA.

Mastering Global Rollout Challenges

Jérémie Vidal, Chief Technical Officer at ECOCERT, talks about how ECOCERT uses Ecert / the Intact Platform to master its global certification operations in more than 130 countries. ECOCERT has 65 000 customers worldwide and conducts 85 000 audits per year.

Harmonization of a Diverse Company Setup

Janneck Peersman, Business Innovation Manager at Kiwa International, sheds light on the manifold challenges in fast-growing enterprises with harmonization as the focal point of its presentation. Kiwa is a world top 20 leader in Testing, Inspection, and Certification (TIC).

Hosting with Intact & Anexia—Data Security, Scalability, Flexibility

Alexander Windbichler, CEO of Intact’s Hosting Partner Anexia, gives insights on Anexia’s unique qualities in terms of hosting security, scalability, and flexibility. Anexia is Intact’s hosting partner for all SaaS plans and operates 93 highly secure data centers across the globe.

Next Level Security for the TIC Market

Peter Krainer, Intact’s Head of IT, gives insights into how Intact ensures next level security for its SaaS customers, tailored to the specific needs of the TIC market.

New Standard Terminology — Reasons & Rollout

A major challenge of serving different, all very distinct customers in the testing, inspection, and certification industry is the lack of common terminology. To address that issue, Intact introduces new standard terminology for its solutions.

Intact Data & Business Analytics

Jochen Kleboth, Intact’s Head of Data & Analytics, presents a unique data and business analytics toolset developed with the specific needs of the TIC industry in mind:
Business Intelligence, Anomaly Dashboard, Audit Explorer, Audit Predictor, Root Cause Analyzer

Protecting the Market Through Technology Innovation

Robert Yang, Assistant Director of the Accreditation and International Activities Division of the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) National Organic Program (NOP), presents three different visions on how technology solutions can help to protect the global organic market and seeks input and feedback from the Intact Community.

Facilitation of Stakeholder Engagement & Data Exchange: a Standard Setter’s Story

Marcus Nelson and Lauren Koerner from the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) present about the tools MSC uses and seeks to use to facilitate stakeholder engagement and data exchange. They also give an outlook on their upcoming Certification and Assessment Body Portal developed together with Intact.

Community Networks vs. Solution Islands: Caught Between Supply Chain Transparency and Data Protection

Ulrich Heindl, CEO of Global Traceability Solutions (GTS), addresses the number one challenge in supply chain traceability and a proven solution to it. This talk is not about fancy tech, but about the true obstacles when trying to get suppliers to map their supply chain in a supply chain solution. GTS is Intact’s European partner company for supply chain solution needs.

Efficient Communication with Customers & Partners

Georg Karner, Intact’s Head of Marketing, presents how the bio.inspecta AG facilitates and automates data exchange with key stakeholders and public authorities. The slides were prepared by bio.inspecta, and Andreas Jud, bio.inspecta’s Director of IT, was there to answer questions.

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