Living Our Values

Data sharing with Auditee Portals (producers, retailers, wholesalers, etc.)

We Think Customer

Intact has always been a community-driven organization.

We develop solutions for and with our community. Their needs are always a key driver in our actions.

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We Act Responsibly

Intact was founded with the clear intention to make the world a little bit better.

Acting responsibly – socially and environmentally – is in our corporate DNA and always will be.

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We Accept the Challenge

We strongly believe in doing the right thing, not the easy thing as an organization.

Our goal is to create the best possible solutions for our community and we accept all challenges along that way.


We Simplify

While the technical infrastructure behind our products can be quite complicated, solutions for our customers should never be.

We believe in simplifying and will always strive to make our customers life easier wherever possible.

Audit Teams

We Appreciate Each Other

As a community-driven organization, collaboration is an important part of who we are.

Appreciative cooperation at eye level is not only important to us, but a key driver for our success.

How We Grow Together

Personal growth and learning are key:

Internal Learning

Leading means being a mentor at heart, always ready to share insights and equally eager to learn from the team’s experiences. This two-way flow of knowledge strengthens us from the inside out, ensuring we all grow together. To reinforce this culture of learning and development, we regularly organize internal training sessions, workshops, and team-building events.

External Learning

We also look beyond our walls, gathering fresh perspectives and new ideas from industry events, workshops, and talks. Our leaders regularly engage in educational events, sharing insights and learning from the broader community.

Carrying Our Values into the World

Intact’s way of leadership has proven to be highly successful and so word has spread about how we do things in Lebring. Our management team is regularly invited to universities, conferences, or congresses, to spread these core values beyond the company’s walls. We are always happy to pass on our learnings and discuss the roots of Intact’s sustainable success. A notable example was the leadership talk at M/O/T in Klagenfurt, where our CEO Thomas Lorber and CFO Markus Friesacher shared insights and engaged with the leaders of tomorrow. This commitment underscores Intact’s commitment to not just constant development and learning, but also to contributing to the wider discourse on effective and sustainable leadership practices.

Our approach to leadership at Intact is about learning and growing together, making smart decisions, and creating a workplace that’s supportive and full of opportunities.Do you want to be a part of our success story?