About Coop

The COOP Group looks back on a history of more than 150 years and is deeply rooted in Switzerland as a valued and trusted retailer. Once a small consumer cooperative, COOP is now an internationally active retail, wholesale and production company with more than 95,000 employees.

In addition to the popular Swiss supermarkets, the COOP Group today also includes numerous specialist formats , online stores and, with Transgourmet, an internationally active wholesale group. In addition, with the Bell Food Group and 8 other production companies, COOP has manufacturers that supply not only Switzerland but also Europe with first-class products.


The common path of COOP and Intact goes back to 2004. Back then, COOP already relied on Intact and its audit management tool Ecert (today Intact Platform) to efficiently and digitally handle internal quality audits of sales outlets and logistics centres.

Ecert enabled the COOP Quality Center to digitize its quality audits. The fully digital audit process made it possible to obtain structured and more holistic audit data. Since then, this data has formed the basis for analyzing quality risks and quality development over time, and for determining targeted quality improvement measures.

Coop Audits

Goals and Challenges

In a productive partnership, Intact and COOP are continuously working to further optimize the processes of the Coop Q-Center. Despite an efficient audit workflow, cumbersome laptops and remote access limited the auditors’ flexibility and speed of work. In addition, the Internet connection, which was not always available, and the required photo documentation resulted in additional work after the audit.

However, technological developments in recent years have opened up new possibilities, which COOP and Intact wanted to use to optimize the process. The goal was to transfer the majority of the audit process to handy mobile devices.

This should make it possible to complete audits on a single day and also to conduct the important debriefing while still on site – regardless of the Internet connection.

Coop warehouse – part of the comprehensive audits

The Solution

Progress has always been part of Intact’s DNA. The best innovations often come from rethinking problems from real customers. The joint solution finding and Intact’s worldwide customer base inspire the “community-driven” development approach. This enables practical development and leads to customer-specific problem solutions being incorporated into new product generations. This benefits not only the Intact community but also the entire market in the long term.

Thanks to Intact Mobile, COOP auditors can now handle the entire audit process on their mobile devices. Smart features such as offline functionality, single sign-on via OpenID, voice-to-text or audit checklists also eliminate the need for additional tools.

The Intact Platform‘s broad connectivity also makes it easy to connect to third-party systems. For example, COOP auditors can work with up-to-date master data from SAP – anywhere, anytime.

Even the post-processing of audits can now be done 100% mobile. Intact Mobile and the Intact Platform enable the processing of findings and corrective actions as well as the creation of audit reports on the mobile device. This means auditors have all the tools for efficient audits and informative debriefings right at their fingertips and can complete audits while still on-site.

Together, COOP and Intact were able to implement a streamlined, highly efficient audit process. This is not only 100% digital, but fully scalable and grows with the COOP Group and its requirements.

Intact Mobile audit app for mobile devices - online and offline
Intact Mobile Audit App

Coop Voices

“By using the Intact Platform and Intact Mobile, we were able to realize a system that fulfills several goals we were striving for. On the one hand, we have enabled the all-important auditor feedback process directly in the stores. In addition, we have been able to increase efficiency by more than 20%. Features such as mobile use, single sign-on or the automated creation of the audit report with photo documentation make this possible.

But the most important aspect is sometimes the fully digital and scalable system. This not only allows us to work efficiently, but also provides us with quality data on an ongoing basis, which helps us to continuously improve quality in the company. Thanks to the comprehensive functionality of the Intact Platform, ‘end of life’ is no longer an issue for us.”


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Our experts are ready to discuss your challenges and demonstrate how you can master them with ease with Intact software solutions.

Fill out the form, and we will take care of the rest. Of course, you can also give us a call — see our local country numbers.