bio.inspecta’s Initial Challenge

bio.inspecta’s need for an efficient certification workflow and improved customer service made it look for a professional IT solution for audit and certification management. They wanted to manage audits, certifications, corrective actions, deadlines, and invoicing, entirely digitally. bio.inspecta needed a simple and efficient way to exchange data with customers, partners, and authorities.

The Entire Workflow in a Single System

Since implementing the Intact Platform, bio.inspecta has been handling its entire audit and certification workflow digitally — in several languages (German, French, Italian). The streamlined digital workflow saves valuable time when planning and conducting audits.

Auditors can work offline, allowing them to complete onsite audits with a poor or missing internet connection with ease. The data is entered directly into the system and synched to a server as soon as an internet connection is reestablished.

The Intact Platform also provides bio.inspecta with powerful tools for managing findings, corrective actions, and deadlines. Once a certification has been completed, the certificate is created and made available for customer download.

The credibility of organic products is our top priority. A reliable software solution, like the Intact Platform, provides the basis to achieve this.

Ueli Steiner CEO, bio.inspecta

The Intact Platform has helped bio.inspecta significantly increase its efficiency and improve customer service thanks to the systems optimized audit and certification processes, and automated invoicing. All essential data is now recorded with minimum input errors, and the digital processing allows results and audit trails to be viewed quickly and clearly.

Efficient Communication with Customers and Partners

bio.inspecta integrates its different communications portals with the Intact Platform to ensure efficient and smooth communication and data exchange with customers and partners.


EASY-CERT is a public web portal that gives direct and secure access to information on businesses’ certification and label-status. bio.inspecta uses QR codes on its certificates to make it easy for both companies and customers to access this information and check the validity of the respective certificate.


Inspectanet is bio.inspecta’s tailor-made customer and partner portal, which provides customers and partner companies the data and documents they need. This includes audit and certification reports as well as certificates issued directly from the Intact Platform.

Interfaces to Authorities

bio.inspecta operates an interface system that enables direct data exchange between the Intact Platform and 12 Swiss cantons. This interface allows the cantons to transmit orders directly to bio.inspecta’s Intact Platform system daily, and receive automatic audit and certification results, including checklist data.

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