The Non-GMO Project’s Initial Situation

Since the first verified products in 2010, the demand for GMO transparency skyrocketed, and the organization’s verification program experienced exponential growth. At present, there are more than 3,000 Non-GMO Project Verified brands, representing over 50,000 products and more than $ 26 billion in sales. To keep up with its rapid growth, the Non-GMO Project decided to implement a professional IT solution for managing its standard as well as all verified products, brands, and companies. The main goals the new software solution needed to achieve where:

  • Increased verification process efficiency
  • Elimination of multiple data inputs
  • Quick and easy data exchange with verification and certification bodies
  • Public online product listings that are synchronized with the database to allow shoppers to search for verified products

The Intact Platform Solutions for Standard Setters

The Intact Platform helped the Non-GMO Project to achieve all defined goals and more. The NGP can now closely collaborate with verification and certification bodies by providing both interfaces and direct access for entering audit and certification data. As a result, the efficiency of the audit and certification workflows and other processes increased significantly while reducing data input errors to a minimum. Most importantly, the Intact Platform allowed the Non-GMO Project to sustain rapid, cost-effective growth and still ensure the utmost integrity of the Non-GMO Project Verified label.

Non-GMO Project

“The Intact Platform helped optimize our data management so that our systems scaled well with our organization’s rapid growth. As we continue to streamline our processes, we have been grateful to have Intact’s guidance and technical expertise.”

Caroline Kinsman Brand and Outreach Manager,
Non-GMO Project

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